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Anonymous asked:
What blogs do u like c:?
  • kaspy - such fabulousness, gr8 posts runescape & pokemon & humour and his blog is soo00ooo pretty <3
  • hayyleyrs - some of the funniest and most awesome edits ever, amazing & fab quality gifs that are so nice to look at and make my eyes sparkle; SUCH a good blog!!!
  • tommy-turtle - cutest art ever!! please draw more because they are sooOOO cute and so lovely!! 
  • not-kir - cutest art along with Tommys!! so amazing and so pretty!! just like her!
  • verdandasrsblog - AMG ARTGASM (◕ヮ◕)*:・゚✧ wow!! her art is so amazing, creative, intelligent and versatile, seriously amazing stuff, very clever lady!!!!!
  • blur - just a great runescape blog, such amazing and consistent achievements which are super impressive and inspires me to create and achieve my own goals :-]
  • auspah - char affiliated blog SUCH amazing art, SOOOoooo creative!!! (blows my mind seriously!!) and always a pleasure to look at, keep up the fantastic work <3
  • bixsie - wat a qt, such pretty and cute edits!! hurry up and get max cape qt we’re all so excited for you!! :-]
  • mileyade - a master with photoshop!! very amazing edits and ones that think outside of the box, really puts a whole new spin on certain areas of runescape, very clever!
  • themindofregicidal - amg Lee!!! <3 Everyone you should check out Lee’s fab yt channel for super amazing runescape videos!! Best runescape video blogger ever!!! <3

These are my favourite blogs ever aside from a few non rs ones BUT most importantly every person behind each of these blogs is SO lovely and they are just great people that make the rs tumblr community a better place to be :-]

Anonymous asked:
How does one impress you?

Things that impress me:

  • a beautiful beard
  • long lustrous hair
  • manners 
  • compassion
  • 10b bank on runescape
  • giving me half of your 10b bank on runescape
  • musical skills 
  • tree felling skills
  • ability to tell the difference between coke and pepsi (they are literally the same i swear)