Anonymous asked:
Maybe once it reaches 100 notes announce but ship when you have money?

it has 100+ notes at the moment and has only been out a few hours. I would like to give others a chance to see it as it’s only fair; not everyone is online at the same time after all. Remember you can reblog it as many times as you like plus you can reblog on a sideblog too if you have one, but the main blog mbf me.

Anonymous asked:
When is giveaway winners announced?

When the post stops getting likes/reblogs and when I have time - I’m in work a lot so it will be on a weekend, probably around 2 weeks time (which is also when I get paid, so I can afford to ship them internationally if needs be!).


~*~ Saradomin’s 1.5k+ Follower Giveaway! ~*~

Hey babies!! :-] ♥ To commemorate 1.5k+ followers I’m doing a giveaway of pretty things to all you pretty people, all 1555 of you!! ♥ 

I am giving away the above items of jewellery to 8 lucky people (one per person)! These items of jewellery were all received as gifts and so I am giving them to you as gifts to spread the love and to show my appreciation to you all! :-] 

Items from left to right:

  1. Mikey London cupcake necklace (1 small rhinestone at the back is missing)
  2. Swarovski heart pendant
  3. Pia charm necklace
  4. Zelda bottled faerie necklace
  5. Pia purple tear pendant
  6. Pia tassel necklace
  7. Swarovski crystal zelda heart necklace
  8. Pandora heart bracelet 


  • Must be following me as this is a giveaway for my followers!
  • Like/reblog to have a chance to win! Reblog as many times as you like!
  • You must be willing to give me your address (a work address is fine!) so that I can send your prize to you!
  • I will ship internationally but it may take a little longer to get to you!
  • I will draw the winners via a random generator & the first 8 people will be picked. One person per item. The first person on the list will get first pick of all the items, second person gets second pick etc. 
  • If you are left with something you are not particularly fussed on you can always nominate a friend to gift it to :-] 


If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. Good luck lovelies!! 

Ty to ashbyrs for the amazing gif ily!! 


Anonymous asked:
Do you remember what the skirt is in the middle pic for your female Firemaking Skillcape outfits? Love all your outfits btw. :)

Thank you! It’s called Gold athlete’s legs :-]

i have a ton of really pretty designer & custom made jewellery just sitting in my drawer that i will never wear again (some i’ve had for years and have never been worn at all) so i was thinking i could do a giveaway? there’s no point in me keeping it as it will just be put away and unloved whereas if i did a giveaway it could go to someone who would appreciate it a lot more. it seems just a waste to give it to the charity shop as well because i know people from tumblr would appreciate and love it more. is this a good idea?

illuminate-rs asked:
hiu! ok so I came across your outfits directory and the desert one, what items are you wearing in the last picture?

hey sweetie!! So glad to see you back yaaaay!! and grats on the name!! :-] The item’s are: ariane’s tiara, divine gaze, cramulet, silken top, desert legs, base shoes & comp cape! :-]

Anonymous asked:
You're so cute its unreal. I really wish I had the courage to talk to you more :(

Aww thanks lovely :-]! You can always talk to me silly, I don’t bite!! :-]