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White boys on RS: I can show you how to PvM ;)
Me: Ok awesome thanks! You want to go nex or we cou....
White boys on RS: Ya haha so anyway you got kik?
Anonymous asked:
I sometimes dream of you and I, but you're too busy for me.

I am very busy but never too busy for a friend! Come say hi <3

Anonymous asked:
did you have to pay extra handling charges when you received your knitted partyhat since it came from a non EU country?

No :-] I think it’s okay for small packages but I’m not sure! I didn’t have to pay though

Amg  what a lovely thing to wake up to!!!

1.6k+ followers eeeek! I love you soooo much seriously thank you for following my little blog! :-]

I’m always here if you need a chat or any advice or anything  you guys are the best, love you so much xxxxxxxx

i had a dream that i was actually Saradomin and i was fighting the penance king in what looked like a really old zelda dungeon, using water bending doing all sorts of sick moves with water and ice, kicking his slimy green butt in general ukno but after the fight i walked through the door into like this really big stately home with a load of hot girls so i transformed into like a super hot version of myself (actual me) and joined in with the party as if nothing special had just happened thinking ‘just another day at the office’

Anonymous asked:
When doing phoenix lair, what do you have to do to have a chance of getting the eggling? Just to make sure I'm doing it right, I'm months dry! ; - ;

after killing the phoenix all i did was talk to it to receive the 5 feathers (i didn’t go through all the chat options) then I right clicked to leave the cave and one day i got the cutscene & eggling :p there is no trick to it, and no way of doing it wrong (you can still get it even if you don’t collect feathers and going through all chat options has no effect on drop rate). it’s just luck based unfortunately, it took approx. 212 days for me, others get it within a few days. best of luck!