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Stancing in the pink lights.

Anonymous asked: I am aware of that but you got the idea from her since shes had hers for a few weeks now. You also need to stop copying lua's outfit every time she posts a picture of it... Youre very unoriginal, its quiet sad.

Lol. Do you realise how childish you sound right now? Giving me hate online over an online game and something as petty as a well known phrase and a common outfit?

Don’t go telling me about where I get my ideas from, you know absolutely nothing about me. I don’t even follow either of those blogs (I had to go on the first one you mentioned because I wasn’t even aware of it). And in fact the latter you mentioned has been on my block list for 2 months so I don’t even see said posts (I have literally no idea what you are referring to because I haven’t seen it).

Don’t waste my time trying to insult me. I don’t listen to anonymous cowards on the internet. Literally anything you say to me is invalid; you are worthless to me unless you can stop hiding behind your wall of anonymity so why would I listen to anything you have to say or take you serious? 

If you must continue with this petty nonsense, please do so off anonymous where we can talk privately and civilly and discuss any issues you have with me. Although I don’t understand why you are so offended that you have to anonymously message me about matters that don’t concern you and matters you have clearly misinterpreted to be something else. 

My blog is strictly Runescape and I will not have this nonsense cluttering it up. This is the last time I respond to an anonymous message with similar intent such as this one; any further feeble attempts will be automatically deleted. I have neither the care nor the patience to deal with this puerile behaviour. 

syrinxian asked: way to copy armadyl with your teachings smfh. you are literally so unoriginal always ripping people off ugh. disgusting. (your dress is fugly too)



Reblog if you’re going to runefest.

Anonymous asked: Way to copy grimyguam with your description lol

Lol? Are you for real? Do you not know that that is a well known saying? 

I had to actually go on the blog to see what you were on about.

Please don’t waste my time.

Thank you all so much for all the lovely birthday wishes!! It’s officially not my birthday in 15 mins so I thought I’d squeeze this in!

You guys are amazing and have made my day extra special, thank you all 

Anonymous asked: С днём рождения!!!!!!! :D

Thank you lovely! Take care xx

educaters asked: Oml its your birthday and you didn't even say a thing??? HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE!! <3

Hehehehehe thank you sweetie <33333!! 

fiddlesnake asked: happy birthday!!!!!

Thank you Snakey! Have a ssssssssuper awesome day :-p!

samrules350 asked: Happy birthday!! :D

Thank you lovely! :-] Hope you have a good day too! :)


'Avin a glass of bubbly

chaors asked: Happy birthday annie! Have a wonderful last 5 hours of the day!

Hehe thank you! Time to chill out to the max hooray!! You have a lovely evening too :-]!

sincify-rs asked: Happy birthday hope you have a great day. :D

Aww thank you! :-] You have a good one too sweetie! xx

elitevoidz asked: Happy Birthday, Annie :D Make the most of it!

Thank you lovely :D! I am totally making the most of it, sat on my booty playing games and eating cake, loving the start of being 22 :-p! Take care lovely xx